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    Weaverham High School – Commercial Heating System Replacement

    AP Mitchell > Weaverham High School – Commercial Heating System Replacement

    Weaverham High School – Commercial Heating System Replacement

    Background prior to new heating system, the school had previously had a plant room with boilers dating from 1987, although there were controls these were very old and limited and not easy to change etc. The heating was very much all or nothing which was very inefficient and we regularly had areas of the school that were too cold and at the same time other rooms that felt it was unbearably hot. The hot water continually caused us problems with the calorifier often shutting down and the companies we called for repairs telling us that the parts were obsolete. The calorifier also were quite corroded at the base and lots of condensation formed on the ground as a result.

    From first being contacted by Qwest we found that there was clear communication about the project and also the opportunity to raise any concerns or requests from the School. We found that the contractors AP Mitchell were very accommodating and aware in their approach to working in a live school environment. We were able to find mutually agreeable solutions to any issues that arose, these included the need that the School had to have the hot water available for a specified date in August. The school is fairly large and we employ 10 cleaners who carry out a deep clean of the whole school and having hot water for this was vital, this need was met. The contractor needed at times access to various parts of the School including the sub floor ducting and again we were able to agree times for this whether early morning before pupils came on site or at weekends. We found the contractors courteous and willing to operate within the normal contractor parameters that the School has in place.

    Since the boilers have been installed some of the changes that we have noticed have been an even heat across the building which has quickly responded to any change in outdoor temperature, we no longer have lots of windows open in certain areas when the heating is on. Some radiators are hot now that were never previously up to temperature and some radiators are hot that previously have never worked!

    We had asked Qwest for the opportunity of a direct link to the BMS via our school network and the School ran a cable through to the plant room to enable this. Through the BMS we have instant access to the current information about the plant and also it gives us easy access to adjust the heating times or days when needed. The removal of the oil tanks has left the School with a usable space to be developed.

    Our experience of the plant room replacement works has been very positive and we would like to thank Qwest, Engie and AP Mitchell who not only delivered an excellent heating and hot water plant room but also worked hard to minimise disruption to the general running of the School.

    Iain Anderson
    Site Manager
    Weaverham High School